Cuttawa Trace

Cuttawa Trace

Cuttawa Trace is a special little place tucked along the heavenly palisades of the Kentucky River, in the heart of the Blue Grass.  It's proximity to downtown Lexington belies just what an escape it is.  A few minutes drive transports you to another frame of mind.  Cuttawa Trace is dedicated to providing truly unique luxury experiences custom-tailored to your wishes.

Cloister yourself in one of our three unique rental properties.  Whether your goals are to focus on wellness of mind or body, spiritual rejuvenation, adventure, or a simple agenda-free retreat, we are there to provide you with unparalleled experiences.  Perfect for work, family vacations, and more.


1500 Hall RD Nicholasville, KY 40536
(240) 671-4600

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