Do you want to support local artists while decorating your home with beautiful pieces of art?  Well, here in Jessamine County, we have a wonderful local artist named Charlotte Blair.  Charlotte creates illustrations using colored pencils and watercolors.  Not only does Charlotte focus on illustrations, but she also works with ceramics.

Charlotte has always loved artistic endeavors and has spent her entire life creating art.   She enjoys making art because not only is it fun, but art reminds her to remember and appreciate how beautiful the world is. Charlotte was home-schooled, and her parents encouraged her to pursue her desire for drawing and painting. With her family’s support, she’s managed to explore her creativity through different art mediums.

Charlotte started working with ceramics four years ago. The clay used in her ceramics is acquired locally in the area.  Her goal is to make something from nature that you can functionally use in your home. For more information, you can find Charlotte’s art pieces on Etsy at:



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